How Physics Changed my Life?

Physics is a fascinating subject and its impact is truly limitless. Physics has taught me to be comfortable pursuing my own ignorance when solving problems, both in life and in my career. Physics has taught me to be curious, to approach problems with an open-mind and most of all to enjoy it.

How it all Began?

From a young age, I remember being fascinated by how things worked, and I used to constantly ask my dad for answers. I was hungry for knowledge and so I turned to books, the internet and my teachers. At school I was fortunate to meet Mr Harper, my GCSE physics teacher, who changed the course of my life. He inspired and encouraged me daily to keep at the subject, despite my low grades in mock exams. After a lot of hard work and patience I passed my GCSE’s and that set me on the course to become a physicist.

As the first person in my British Asian family to consider University I was naturally scared and apprehensive, and naturally so were my parents. So to get a taster for this life, I secured a place on a week-long summer school at Oxford University to study physics at Keble College. This was a memorable experience during my A-levels, not just because it was funded by the Sutton Trust, but also because I met so many talented students, learnt some amazing material and my group won the prize for best project. I also found my niche in physics, after attending a talk on MRI, I knew my heart was set on specialising in medical physics.

Becoming a Physicist

The following year I received an unconditional offer from the University Nottingham, the birthplace of MRI, to complete by bachelor’s in physics. I quickly learnt how to digest vast volumes of information from quantum mechanics, optics, vector calculus and so much more. I look back on this time with many fond memories, not only for the opportunity to explore my passion, but also for the people I met and the amazing life experiences I had.

After University, I decided that I want to apply my physics knowledge in the real world, so I applied to various jobs to become an engineer, or as I like to call it an applied physicist. I worked for several companies as an RF engineer focussed on research and development. My background in physics meant that I had the opportunity to work on a plethora of projects including radiotherapy machines, atomic clocks, quantum gravity sensors, electronically steered antennas and so much more.

Physics has changed my world for the better and made me who I am today. I am truly grateful that I have had the opportunity to work on problems for the betterment of society, and I will continue to do so in the future. Thank to my parents, my family and my teachers for helping me to pursue my ignorance, and for helping me realise that physics truly is limitless.

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