#1 Start with Why?

For a long time I have wanted to be more creative and have an outlet to share my knowledge, skills and life experiences. But like many people who wander down this path, it is all too easy to procrastinate and not actually get started.

Funny story… I actually started a blog early in lockdown as it seemed like the perfect time to let off some steam and write about the new ways of life. Also after a quick google search I saw that it could be a source of passive income when combined with affiliate marketing etc. However, I chose a complex route in terms of private web hosting (BlueHost) and quickly became paralysed by decision fatigue on issues such as website design and formatting. In the end the blog started and failed — it all just seemed like a pipe dream.

However, I then came across a fellow blogger “Neel Nanda” via a weekly email newsletter from a guy I follow called “Ali Abdaal” and this was the motivation I needed to kickstart this desire. I reached out to Neel and he shared his insights and experiences with Medium … and here we are!
Anyway, back to the reason why?

1. To share knowledge and life experiences which can help others (Issues important to me include: education, health, fitness, personal development and life optimisations — so watch this space…)
2. To build an audience base of like-minded individuals
3. To boost our creativity and break away from the social norms of over-consuming content online! (Let’s face it we all know it is too easy to do)

If you made it this far — thanks! :)
Please leave some feedback and comments on content ideas if you have any, and I look forward to sharing content with you over the coming weeks.



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Dipendra J. Mistry

Hey guys thanks for stopping by and welcome to my blog! Please read at your leisure and leave some feedback.